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Our Candles

Lit Up Illuminations was founded by two beer lovers with a candle-making problem on a mission to promote sustainability.

Our process starts by collecting empty beer bottles from local events and businesses (saving them from the landfill). To craft the upcycled vessels, we hand-cut the bottles and put them through a 3-step finishing process to give them a smooth, polished edge.

Then we give them new life as soy candles: we attach a hemp wick (because hemp is more sustainable than cotton) then hand-pour a blend of natural soy wax (learn about the benefits of soy wax) plus the maximum amount of fragrance (almost double the recommended amount), giving our candles the best scent throw possible (both hot and cold) - AND they burn up to 60 hours.

With a variety of collections to choose from, there’s something for everyone (no, they are not beer scented or beer themed): the Lumberjack collection is earthy & masculine - loved by both men and women; the Hippie collection is earthy & herbal; the Aromatherapy collection is herbal & clean; the So Fresh, So Clean collection is well, fresh & clean; and the Ripe for the Pickin’ collection is fruity. The Horsin’ Around collection is equestrian-themed. And there are seasonal collections for Fall and Christmas.

We are dedicated to using locally sourced, eco-friendly materials to create our premium candles which are handcrafted with love in Decatur, GA.